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PACT Leather Satchel (personalized) - Been carrying this bag for 5 years. Love it. 
Moleskine Cahier Journal, Large, Plain
Moleskine Cahier Journal, Pocket, Plain - I carry and use a lot of these cahiers (both sizes). I use some for specific purposes and some just for random note-taking, sketching, etc.
Bic Lighter
PACT Phone Wallet - Combination wallet and phone sleeve.
PACT Tablet Sleeve - I use this either to carry my iPad, or more often, to hold my group of large moleskines.
Gerber Paraframe Knife, Stainless, Serrated Edge - A guy has got to have a knife.
Kum Eraser/Sharpener Combo - Found this at an art store and have fallen in love with it. A perfect travel sharpener/eraser combo.
Palomino Blackwing Pencil - I don’t buy these often, as I prefer the Dixon’s but it’s a good solid pencil. Replaceable eraser is nice.
Dixon Ticonderoga Yellow Pencil, No.1 Extra Soft Lead - Best pencil around if you ask me. Absolutely can’t beat it for the price either. I much prefer the #1 as it makes a darker mark.
Pilot Precise V5 RT, Extra Fine pens - These are great affordable extra fine pens for drawing. I keep them in an old pen case so they don’t rattle around in my bag.
Moshi Cardette Multi-Card Reader - Super handy to have on the go. Nice and compact.

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Juan Estey ·
I've wanted this satchel for a while. What do you think of it? How is the strap attached at the bottom? (I have a hide of similar leather. I would love to see some pictures so I can try and make my own).