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Apprentice Mechanical Engineer in the UK
I find that this arrangement of equipment is near enough vital for everyday life for me, especially the torch and the skeletool and the notebook/pen. These i find myself reaching for most often, close second with the spyderco which i only carry whilst at work or on a job otherwise its left at home or in the boot of my car in a little lockbox.
The key system is new and I am eager to see how it feels compared to a mess of split rings.
Just for anyone considering one, the griffin survivor case is fantastic, can really soak up some punishment without a scratch to your phone, but the only downsides for me have been the quite flimsy screen protector snap on front section of the case which is easy to mark and scratch, the rubber ages ever so slightly and stretches a little bit but is easy enough to ply back into position, and finally the plastic casket in which the phone sits in is quite crude if you will and could quite easily mark your delicate and anodized iPhone which is a bummer, if they had moulded it better it would be fine but its quite tough and sharp plastic. Other than that its a great case, no worries about dropping my phone from 6 feet, I have confidence it would protect the phone. 
Love the blog and wish to see many many more posts.

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