My Everyday Carry


submitted by Clay

-Carmex stick strawberry (the good stuff)
-Match sticks
-Rolex GMT Master II
-Costa Del Mar Hammerheads
-Oliver Peoples spectacles
-Caran d’Ache 849 pen (green)
-Col. Littleton Bifold No. 4
-Garrett Wade pocket knife
-iPhone & iPod

Editor’s Note: Hmm, when I see this carry a couple of red flags go up in my head. Firstly, I find it odd that you carry a pen and not a notebook. That deficiency just limits the utility of your carry overall. Secondly, why ordinary match sticks over something like a lighter, or even a small capsule lighter? Lastly, the Garret Wade key knife on its own is pretty gimmicky — it’s just a slipjoint knife poorly concealed as a key, which you don’t even appear to carry on your keyring.. so what is discreet about that? I’d recommend at least a Swiss Army Knife if you want a small, useful slipjoint. It’s not threatening, has lots of tools, stays compact and isn’t an attempt at a concealed weapon. Oh, and no headphones for either of your iPods… A few changes and your carry could improve a lot, give it a shot.

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