My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry
Senior Fabricator at Plust Design in Providence, RI
These are a few things I carry to simplify my life.
These are the things I carry to help me create, imagine, assemble and on a few occasions destroy things i’m working on. 
- Iphone 5S: The trusty Iphone, in constant use between work and play. Great for taking photos, making phone calls and addressing everyday social media needs.
- Spigen Slim Armor Phone Case : By far the best slim case I’ve used. Nice construction and very light.
- Plust Linkmount: My phone multi-tool that I would be lost without. Linkmount is a low-profile mount that can attach to practically any phone. It has a detachable strap, a ring stand, universal tripod thread, and comes with magnetic mounts that are great for cars, around the house or wherever you use your phone.
- Plust Magnetic Simplemounts : The Simplemount is a reliable, durable, and easy to use magnetic dock. It holds your phone anywhere you need it, and is sold with the Plust Linkmount.  Also since there magnetic you can stick tons of everyday items to them. Great by the door for keys or in the shop to hold those small tools we always misplace.
- Nite-Ize S-Biner Clip: It’s used attached to my lanyard that clips to my Linkmount on my phone. A double sided carabiner clip so I can lock it to a belt loop and never loose my phone. Also great for keys, on backpacks or wherever you need to clip two or more items together.
- Smith & Wesson Titanium Urban Camo Hostage Recovery Team Knife : Because there are always a ton of needs for a knife daily. Strong,Sharp and Beautiful .., what else could you want?
- Zebra F-701 Pen : Great construction with a heavier case design that holds up longer. It glides well and has a nice resistance on the ball point.
- Moleskin Notebook/sketchbook : Handy carry size that fits in a pocket or purse and comes in different options such as lined pages for writing or graph pages for sketching/drafting.
- West Chester Leather Work Gloves : These conform great to your hands and make for strong dexterous gloves.
- General Tools Stainless Steel Ruler : It used to be part of a combo square but is now utilized in my sketchbook. The best size for small details and quick straight lines and measurements.
- General Tools Stainless Steel Protractor : Its the perfect size for on the go angles and sketching objects with accuracy.  
- Vintage Aviator Sunglasses : These were a long term borrow from my best friend and hopefully he forgot about them so I can keep using them. 
- Citizens Elektra Eco-Drive Watch : This was a Gift from my uncle on graduation. It has a solar array in it’s face and absorbs light through the dial to charge the watch. Always accurate with a classic design. 
- Porsche 944 Keys With Big Brake Keychain : Well there keys so….they work. :) The keychain is an accessory from Porsche that is a mico replica of their well know big brake rotor and caliper design.
- Vinsic Tulip Mobile Battery Charger: A smart buy for anyone who relies on portable battery powered items. Fast charge time and has saved my phone countless times. A great low cost product !!!
- Old Leather Wallet Too Beat To Identify: It’s survived a motorcycle slide on gravel, lumber jacking excursions through the woods of Vermont and the brutal weather that comes with the North East winters. I beat the crap out of it and it has survived a lot longer than I expected. Maybe it’s just the electrical tape holding it together thats doing the trick.

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