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Tactile Turn Mover Pen Review

Bernard Capulong

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Tactile Turn have been turning heads among pen addicts and EDCers alike with their machined aluminum pens in recent months. Now, they’re back on Kickstarter in all new materials. Do these new pens continue to live up to their names as movers and shakers in the pen market? Read more for my hands-on review of the new Brass Tactile Turn Mover, provided by Will from Tactile Turn.

Tactile Turn have returned to Kickstarter to start production on these updated versions of their already successful Mover and Shaker pens, which we recommended in Vol. 4 of our Carry Smarter buying guide series. The new Mover and Shaker pens are essentially the same great pens — expertly machined clicky pens that accommodate a variety of refills with a unique micro-ribbed grip section, but updated with new materials and finishes this time around. I was sent the Mover in Brass, which is the longer pen in the Tactile Turn lineup at a respectable 5.55” length. The brass barrel affords a significant heft, weighing in at 2.51 oz — over twice the weight of its original aluminum counterpart. Along with the heft comes a bright, beautiful golden hue, contrasted against polished stainless steel hardware on the pocket clip and click mechanism. The Mover employs sleek, industrial design language that when combined with the gleaming brass and steel hardware, results in a striking, almost luxurious look. Much of the Mover’s sexiness comes from its impeccable fit and finish. It takes close inspection to even tell where the barrel unscrews to access the refill.

Included out of the box is a Pilot G2 refill, but the Mover can take at least 20 different refills to suit your preference. The refill of your choice is deployed using a sturdy metal clicky, or knock mechanism. Having a retractable tip and a quick and near-silent knock mechanism is ideal for EDC, mainly for its convenience and ease of access when you need to get writing without fussing over unscrewing caps, keeping track of a loose cap, and so on. I’ve tested the pen both out in my day to day as well as at my office desk, and it was consistently up to the task every time. When making quick notes or signing receipts, I had no trouble unclipping the pen, advancing the pen tip, and scribbling here and there. One of the standout features of Tactile Turn pens is the grip portion. It flares ever so slightly out from the already beefy barrel to give you plenty to hold on to, then provides extra surface area to grip through fine, precisely-machined grooves. It rides the sweetspot between being comfortably grippy without being overly aggressive, which is important to control a pen this heavy. 

For longer writing sessions at my desk, it handles like no other pen I’ve used before. While I expected a pen this heavy to make writing effortless, as the weight of the pen itself imparts most of the downward pressure when writing, I was really impressed by how comfortable the writing experience was. Above the famed smoothness of the G2 refill and the precision the grip provided, the almost magical balance of the pen is what really elevated the Mover from writing instrument to an inky extension of my hand. The writing experience for me was similar to using a fountain pen in that no pressure was required, but with the awesome durability and convenience of a clicky ballpoint. Sort of like the best of both worlds from an EDC standpoint.

I’ve heard some common excuses for not carrying a pen, even from people who wish they had one with them: they lose or break them all the time. I can’t foresee that happening at all with the Mover. The pocket clip is super sturdy and rides really low and snug in my pants pocket. Factor in the heft of brass and it’s not going anywhere. And if it does, you’d be sure to feel it. A solid machined brass barrel is near indestructible, so there’s no worry of leakage in my experience. There were only a few instances where the knock mechanism seemed a little loose from riding in the pocket, and over 2-3 weeks of EDC the clip has let up ever so slightly. Overall, I’m confident I can carry it anywhere.

Reviewer Score: 5/5


  • Superb fit and finish, durable materials, EDC-friendly design
  • Excellent balance in hand, effective grip, pleasant heft
  • Comfortable, smooth writing with included G2, also very versatile in accommodating refills


  • Pocket clip loosened up ever so slightly over time
  • Barrel might be too wide, heavy, or rigid for some

I don’t throw out a 5/5 score very often, but after extended use and carry, the Mover is hard to fault. It’s beautiful, it’s well-built, it performs when and where I want, and it absolutely slays each page with a robust elegance. Its flaws, if any, are minor or a matter of preference. Its Kickstarter price of $60 is still a great value, considering how long this pen should serve you. If you’re looking for a pen that lets you make a statement in more ways than one, this is it.


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Just visited the Tactile Turn site. I really do enjoy The Shaker in Brass. LOTS of refill options...