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Everyday Carry
Optical Engineer in Newport Beach, CA

As an engineer, I love Apple. My company manufactures optical components (completely on site in Southern California, nothing overseas; something we are very proud of), so I’m constantly creating manufacturing algorithms, drawing blueprints, and building tooling and fixtures. Every Apple product that I see I can tell their engineers put in just as much attention to detail that I do, I can’t help but admire and respect that.
For the most part I like to stay discreet, most of what I have and wear are in hues of grays, blacks, and whites. The one exception is the Tag Heuer Monaco… A gift from my parents when I got my first job (I shudder to think how much they paid), the square case, blue strap, and red/white racing stripes adds a splash of boldness to my otherwise diplomatic styling. My parents told me to wear it to be proud of all I have accomplished; I wear it to remind me that I have a long ways to go…

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