My Everyday Carry


submitted by Kay Hoojiman

- 2 ‘Scapulier’ pendants
- Smith & Wesson Gold Steel issue
- Benarus Automatic Dive Watch (PVD, Ceramic Bezel, Ceramic Dial, Mesh bracelet, Flat Saphire Chrystal)
- Zippo Lighter
- Castelijn & Beerens Wallet
- Nokia E72
- Ipod

Editor’s Note: Wow, the watch and knife duo looks very slick! I don’t see S&W knives or Benarus watches often. I’d probably recommend adding a light to the mix, though — something like a knurled twisty with a brass heatsink would fit your aesthetic and keep things simple. Look into Fenix and Nitecore, or even Muynshondt for something like that. Thanks for sharing!

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