My Everyday Carry

Justin Glass
Landscaper (age 23)
Independence, LA

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Galen Hale ·
Did your Field Notes protector come from Etsy as well?
Justin Glass ·
That's something I made from some scrap leather.
Chris Lunsford ·
What is that band on your weekender?
Justin Glass ·
It's from an Etsy store called AgeLeatherGoods
Chris Lunsford ·
Cool thanks. I actually decided just to make my own though. I figure it'll mean more to me and I'll be able to incorporate all the little details I want in one piece.
Justin Glass ·
Heck yea. Thats awesome man
Chris Lunsford ·
Btw I did a field notes cover like yours today and I mentioned you in the description for people to check out ur posts since I got the idea from you.
Justin Glass ·
Wow. Thanks. I needed a protector because my field notes were getting tore to pieces in the matter of days due to my job. I just threw something together. I've gotten a lot more comments on it than I ever would have imagined.
Chris Lunsford ·
Yeah it's raw and natural looking yet still kinda classy and with minimal bulk, that's what made it attractive to me