Autumn EDC

C Nathaniel Von Lind
Maker (age 33)
Coeur d Alene, Idaho

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James Hood ·
Seriously digging this collection, I've ordered the comb and sheath now too!

Just out of curiosity is there any particular use (for you personally) for the dice or just nice to have with you?
C Nathaniel Von Lind ·
Hi James, For fun, for fiddle factor, and for placing bets with friends :)
James Hood ·
Thought it was along those lines, nice little touch for sure!
Chris Lunsford ·
I really dig your style here man. The horween theme is nice. I like to group and match materials in my carry too. Stainless or brass with brown leathers and black finish gear with all black accessories etc. And that dark denim goes well with it. My Levis jacket has lightened significantly over the years and while it still holds all its character, especially because of that fact, its definitely time for another indigo rinse in the rotation. You ever try throwing a light weight dark colored pilots jacket in there? It works great with leather and stainless.
C Nathaniel Von Lind ·
Thanks Chris. A dark leather pilot's jacket would look great!
theshipagent ·
I am not hip enough for a cool comb like that :(