My Everyday Carry

Ken Powers
Artist (age 46)
Tacoma, Washington

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Ashley Woo ·
"Edge-y" :-)
Ewing Sharp ·
The Kiridashi ,(#6) looks very cool with the sheath. On the Amazon page it links to it doesn't have a hole for the lanyard. Did you make the hole and sheath? By the way, your EDC has caused me a fair amount of envy. The brass, leather and steel elements are SO BEAUTIFUL!
Ken Powers ·
Thank you! The kiridashi came with the sheath and the lanyard hole which has a brass liner inset into it. The maker has different styles released at different times. I am impressed by his work. I actually purchased my kiridashi through his Etsy shop which seems to get updated with product more often.
Ewing Sharp ·
Thank you for the tip! I haven't shopped etsy. Any other makers you'd reccomend from there?
Ken Powers ·
I've only bought a couple things through Etsy so I don't really have recommendations. The couple purchases have been very smooth though.
Jimmy Liu ·
Very nice EDC! I have a question: Is the clip on the Maratac flashlight reversible to configure it for a light-up carry?
Ken Powers ·
It is reversible. There is a spot for the clip just past the head of the light.
camera88 ·
I am new to the EDC lifestyle and had a question. I am not judging or saying that I don't like them, but I guess I am missing the point of the lanyard beads. Are they only for aesthetics or is there a functional purpose to them as well. Again, I am not judging, but paying $45 for a bead seems a little extravagant (for me) to pay for something with no benefit. Thanks for any input. And beautiful setup by the way!
Ken Powers ·
Thank you. The beads on the smaller tools really help anchor the tool in the hand for me. On the larger knife, it really is more decorative. Perhaps a waste of money but still an enjoyable aspect of the carry.
Jeramiah Gladden ·
Beads allow deep pocket carry with easy retrieval. Sometimes in certain company, having your knife clipped to the pocket can be awkward. The beaded lanyard is all that shows with deep pocket carry.
Ken Powers ·
Very true! I stopped carrying one of my Kershaw knives daily because it clipped too high out of my back pockets.
Chad North ·
This might be one of my favorite EDCs of all time. Nice setup.
Ken Powers ·
Thank you. Maybe too many knives in the EDC but each has its purpose.
J.S. Leonard ·
That is a great setup. Very nice.
Ken Powers ·
Thank you!