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1up EDC Tool

presented by David Talarico

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1up EDC Tool

For many one-piece multitools, the bottle opener is an afterthought. When trying to lift caps with one becomes difficult (or outright painful, even), how are you supposed to keep the drinks flowing? Enter the 1up, David Talarico's latest Kickstarter project. It’s a multitool designed from the ground up to excel at its primary function: keeping your hands happy while keeping your thirst quenched. The 1up's main opening is shaped for both lifting and twisting alike. Its smooth, ergonomic edges ensure comfortable handling when in use. Its bottom edge not only pries tabs on canned drinks, but can also be used as a screwdriver in a pinch. The 1up is also compact enough to join your keys via its handy top opening. There's a little over a week to cover your beverage bases by pledging for your own 1up tool in one of five finishes at the Kickstarter link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by David Talarico.

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slim bottle openers are not difficult to use. This seems overkill.
David Talarico ·
1up's 3D contours are what set it apart from flat, 2D designs, but its not for everyone.
Big Dog ·
Dude! Their called bottle openers and you can buy them everywhere! There is nothing new about it! It's sad that you think this is email worthy!
David Talarico ·
Hi Big Dog, thanks for taking the time to comment. Other bottle openers are cheaply made and less convenient, detracting from your EDC. If you can settle for the average bottle opener, than you're right, the 1up just isn't for you.
Joshua Vander Klipp ·
A Honda might be more cheaply made than a Bugatti, but for the everyday task of getting you to work, they work the same. Just saying.
Christopher Finn ·
Who wants a huge clunky bottle opener on their keychain anyway? Some people just can't use the smaller ones because they don't understand leverage and physics or they are just too drunk and probably should just go home.
David Talarico ·
Hi Chris, thanks for the feedback. Two comments:

1. The picture may be deceiving, but the 1up is actually smaller than a car key.

2. Its not that our 240+ backers can't use other bottle openers, they just want one that's more convenient.