DSPTCH Fidlock Key Chain Set

DSPTCH Fidlock Key Chain Set

If versatility is key to your everyday carry, DSPTCH’s three-in-one keychain set has got it locked down. It has options for the many ways you might need to carry your keys: on your belt, in your pocket, or attached to your gear. The set uses specialized, magnetic Fidlock connectors on each piece to make switching between them a snap—literally. The split ring attaches to either a belt clip, a button snap loop, or a gated D-ring so that the system is as flexible functionally as it is aesthetically. Its all-black design is inconspicuous enough for the office or for when you don't want your carry to stand out. If gearing up is your style, you can grab the key chain set along with other compatible accessories from DSPTCH’s Fidlock collection on their site.

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Looks good, Ashley. All we need is a high quality leather option!!!