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Everyman Grafton Pen

Mike Geoffrey Espineli
Everyman Grafton Pen

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Let’s face it—a good, affordable EDC pen is hard to come by. It seems that even the most popular pen options have their drawbacks: plastic construction, flimsy pocket clips, or inconvenient screw caps. Everyman returns to Kickstarter with their answer, the Grafton. It’s a clicky pen that aims to reinvent what an affordable EDC pen can be. Constructed from solid aluminum, the Grafton offers improved durability over ordinary plastic pens. Everyman included ergonomic touches like a fully balanced body and a subtle grooved grip section for comfort and control. The pen also features a heavy-duty, brass bolt-on clip that’s perfect for use on both shirt and pants pockets. You can personalize your writing experience using the included refill sizing kit that accommodates Pilot G2 and Fisher Space Pen refills. If you want a full-featured EDC pen that won't break the bank, check out the Grafton at their Kickstarter below.

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I had one, sent it back. Poor quality.
Adam Everhardt ·
I can't wait to get mine.
You know this is just a knock off, complete with the same custom screws, of a Karas Customs Retrakt, right?
Michael Rayburn ·
Looks a lot like Tactile Turn's Mover & Shaker as well. It comes in aluminum too. Doesn't the Retrakt have some knurling near the click mechanism?
Ed Jelley ·
The clip and its fastening do look very similar to that on the Retrakt, but I think that's where the similarities end. The overall shape is different, they don't utilize the same stock knock mechanism (that Schmidt makes), and this one has grooves for grip. It's kind of hard for each and every pen to look completely different because of the nature of their use. I don't think I would go as far as calling it a "knock off" though.
Scott Miller ·
Nice pen, however I will stick with my brass pen from Machine Era Co.
Dillinger ·
Uhm, nope. Its aluminum. Not at all appropriate for EDC self-defense. A Fellhoelter TiBolt Pen or Burke Knives MAP may be 5x's the cost of this, but they'll last forever and can actually be used to save your life.
If you don't want to spend the cash on one of those, buy yourself a Fisher Space Pen. EMBASSY PEN (REV. 2) is also a great writing instrument that looks tactical. Its also aluminum.
Rocky ATC ·
Dillinger, That's what my knife and gun are for... my pen is an instrument to transfer ink to paper. . . To be honest that's why I love this website, everyone has an opinion and to each his/her own.

"A tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinions of sheep."
Dillinger ·
So what is your point exactly Tiger that you don't understand how to defend yourself with anything but a knife or gun? Have you ever been trained in CQB if not we can clearly help you.
Gaff ·
Seemss like Rocky isn't the one who needs help. Pen looks good.
Rocky ATC ·
Well I was sold on the product... I hate the thought of purchasing an over sized pen/tool for a rediculous amount of money! I was sold immediately on this product. It appears that this pen will get backed on time and be a quality product that serves one purpose. . . Writing. Great find, love EDC.com!