'The One' Titanium Mechanical Pencil

Cogent Industries
New Zealand
If you're looking for the world's best titanium mechanical pencil, then you've just found it!

Before I continue ­- I must confess to you:

Seven months ago I launched "The World's Greatest Titanium Pen" (a blisteringly successful Kickstarter project) ...and the Titanium Mechanical Pencil I'm about to reveal to you was born from that previous Kickstarter project.

Long story short:

I was carrying a pen with me each day that was made to a level that would make even NASA envious ...but the pencil I was carrying was one of those cheap-­and-­nasty plastic things.

This could not go on!

So I rolled-­up my sleeves and got to work creating "the world's greatest titanium pencil".

I had a strict and non-­negotiable criteria...

No plastic parts - not even on the mechanism (damn it I hate plastic!)
Made 100% from Titanium... (Grade 5 of course!)
No eraser on the end (let's face it... it looks terrible and usually smudges your paper when you use it!)
No screws or pressed parts... (it just looks flat-out UGLY!)
Ultra-minimalist... (because, well, there’s nothing quite like it!)
Just like when I made the titanium pen ­- I quickly realized producing such a mechanical pencil might not even be possible.

The problem was...

I was either going to create the ultimate mechanical pencil ­or nothing at all. There is no "middle ground" with me and I sure as hell wasn't going to compromise.

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