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The Best Black Friday Deals 2016

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 The Best Black Friday Deals 2016

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There's no better time than now to grab some practical gifts for your friends and family (and let's be honest, for your own everyday carry while you're at it) at huge discounts.

During Black Friday weekend, online retailers slash prices on some of your favorite EDC gear. 

We've rounded up the best deals and promotions on gadgets and gear available right now for you all in one place.

Post last updated: 11/25/16

How to Get Unlimited 2-Day Shipping and Exclusive Deals for Free

One quick tip before we get started: these deals, along with many of the recommendations in our upcoming gift guides can be found on Amazon. 

If you haven't already, become an Amazon Prime member for super convenient, unlimited free 2-day shipping on tons of orders, streaming movies and TV shows, and early access to some of the limited promotions that'll pop up over the weekend. 

You can even get started for free with a 30-day trial in time for the holidays.

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Everyday Carry Black Friday 2016 Deals

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Keep it locked right here and stay tuned for updates: we're digging around for more steals and will add them to the list as they come through.

Found a sweet deal we haven't posted yet? Post your find in the comments below — your fellow EDCers will thank you for it!

* Prices shown reflects Deal pricing at the time of publication, and may have changed since.

If you need some gift ideas but can't be bothered with the madness of Black Friday deal hunting, we've made it easy. Check out some of our most popular gift guides from the archives:

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Renegade Pilgrim ·
Goruck bags are on sale. HUGE discount! Vanquest also has some good deals on packs.
Nathaniel P ·
Yes! Just purchased the Rucker for $129, normally $195. $66 off!
Mikey Bautista ·
Thanks guys! I'll put that in the list.
Kevin J Meyer ·
Just got myself a GoRuck Bullet as an EDC backpack =)
Nathaniel P ·
Nomad also has really good deals right now, up to 65% off. Just picked up one of their lightning keys for around $12.
Mikey Bautista ·
Thanks Nathaniel, I'll add that to the list also!
Kevin J Meyer ·
20% off the "Truckie EDC Pouch", "Captain Wallet" and the "Boot Leather Sergeant Wallet" from Recycled Firefigter! Use "BLACKFRIDAY2016" at checkout. (11.25.16 only)
Mikey Bautista ·
Thanks for the heads up!
Asher Seevinck ·
Everyman pens and key knives are 30% off with code: EMHOLIDAYS (Everyman.us)
Mikey Bautista ·
Thank you, I'll put the link in.
Stefan Loble ·
Bluffworks is on sale at 30% off, making wrinkle-free travel apparel with hidden security pockets. bluffworks.com.
Mikey Bautista ·
Steve Dodds ·
First Tactical Bags and Packs 50% off
Mikey Bautista ·
Thanks! I'll put that in .
What's that knife in the upper left of the Black Friday image?
Sterling Scott ·
It's a Sanrenmu 710 with custom carbon fiber scales.
Killspencer - 25% off >$100 - BLACKFRIDAY2016 - killspencer.com - Ends 11/27
Arktype - 20% off sitewide - BLKFRIDAY2016 - arktypedesign.com - Ends 11/28

Armando Aguillon ·
The Amazon deals are for the most part, not anything new. For example, the Gerber and SOG prices are the same as they were prior to Black Friday. I know because I just recently (last week) purchased a few items. I looked at my order history and see that I paid the same price last week as what is being promoted this week as a Black Friday deal. That's just lame.
Travis ·
FNDN leather iPhone wallet cases are buy one get one free right now!
Travis ·
herre is the website for the buy one get one deal www.FNDN.com
Luis Mercado ·
Anyone has the link to the all black carry that's used as a cover for this post? Thanks.
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