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Our Favorite EDCs from November

Everyday Carry
Our Favorite EDCs from November

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Every day, readers like you from around the world share photos of their everyday carry with us. Only a select few make it to the front page. Each month, we’ll highlight a couple of our favorite recent submissions and lay out why we find them so special. This past month, we've seen setups with built to brave the colder months, understated looks, specialized gear for different lines of work, and an all-white-everything carry worth giving a second look.

Adam’s Pick


Quick Interview Gear from LaVan, a Photographer in Washington, DC

I’m a big techy, and this EDC speaks to me because it’s a perfect example of how the right pieces of equipment can come together to boost creativity. As a professional photographer LaVan has to choose his essentials with care. His on the go interview gear ensures that he's always prepared to capture both the visual and audio elements of a moment in its highest quality. Phones are great as a backup device, but having quality equipment forces you to think about a shot in greater depth. Since all this gear can be packed into a small bag, it leaves him free to maneuver and really get creative with how he approaches a job. Great carry!

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Mikey’s Pick


Autumn EDC from Chad, a Maker in Idaho

As a big fan of heritage and "buy it for life" gear, this loadout's selections of timeless and well-aging items was an instant hit for me. There is no downside to opting for quality denim, leather, and brass from brands with an outstanding history. I especially like that upgraded/custom common versions of common items like the comb, lighter, and dice were selected to integrate even better with the look and theme. The only thing I'm missing is a watch, but given the rest of the picks I wouldn't be surprised if the submitter already had a classic brass diver like an Armida A8 on his wrist.

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Ashley’s Pick


VW Captain and Photobooth Builder from Garrett in Washington

Garrett’s carry as a photo booth builder is down-to-earth and to the point. He’s picked the super compact DoohicKey for his brass keychain to not weigh him down as he’s constantly on the move in his VW bus. I like his specialized essentials, like the carpenter pencil, fixed blade knife, and its beautifully worn leather sheath he uses for custom-making photo booths. I also appreciate the personal touches of the toothpicks he keeps on hand to aid in smoking cessation and a Hohner Blues harmonica, making this analog EDC truly focused on the essentials as he moves from location to location.

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Ed’s Pick


Northerly Carry from Micah, a Software Dev Engineer in Seattle

Micah’s submission stood out to me because it’s not often that someone sticks to a color theme and completely hits the nail on the head. This set of all-white essentials covers the necessary bases, and does so in a slim, streamlined package. The Northerly Edition Field Notes are pretty rare these days and it’s awesome to see someone using one. The custom Benchmade Mini Griptilian not only looks great in the black and white color scheme, but it’s one of the best EDC blades out there. Since adding an Apple Watch to my personal EDC, I understand why more and more people are carrying them. They make it easy to check notifications, and the customizable watch faces are packed with useful data. I think a small, satin finished titanium flashlight (like this one) would round out this carry perfectly, while still maintaining that color scheme. Great job on this one!

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Jon’s Pick


Understated from KB in London, UK

This is a well-curated minimalist carry that features quality high-end items while keeping an emphasis on not being too showy or flashy. It is capable and pared down to the essentials while remaining task-oriented. I especially appreciate the attention paid to having an excellent pair of earphones for listening to music on-the-go. The quality on the whole is apparent, but this carry catches my attention precisely because it is meant to not catch my attention, and sometimes that makes all the difference.

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Jacob’s Pick


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… from TXshipagent

I'm a huge proponent of having a durable carry that doesn't require a bag. This EDC is a wonderful combination of items that will very likely last a lifetime. The Odin leather goods Field Notes cover is a great choice for protecting a notebook that, while legendary, is actually pretty flimsy. The front pocket wallet is nice for those who don't want to be too weighed down, and the choice of pocket knife shows an interest in simple utility, but without sacrificing aesthetic. I'm also particularly in love with (and envious of) the Parker fountain pen, which is a very distinctive choice. This is a very nice collection of durable, useful items. Nice choices all around.

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Bernard’s Pick


November 2015 from Tony, a Software Engineer in Delaware

This EDC from Tony is a great example of having your bases covered. He carries not just any tool for every purpose, but some of the best in class. With colder weather coming up, it’s more sensible and easier to carry an expansive kit like this one (he even carries a backup light on his keyring). I appreciate the size distribution in the gear as well. His wallet is slimmed down to allow room for his multi, knife, light, and key holder, and they’re all roughly the same size to make pocketing things easier. Don’t miss this well-considered carry for solid options if you’re looking up to carry more this winter.

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Mike’s Pick


Presentation Seminar Carry from Jay, a Grad Student in Hawaii

I'm a huge fan of the quality over quantity and this EDC has it. Every aspect of it shows careful thought and consideration. His knife, the iconic Chris Reeve Sebenza made his own with custom carbon fiber scale. His light, the Muyshondt V2 Aeon, a light often regarded as the end all of keychain lights. His watch, the Seiko SKX007, a modern classic and staple in the EDC community. His bottle opener, the Burnley Zirconium Cypop, currently one of the classiest ways you can pop a bottle. Another aspect I absolutely love about this EDC is how he's tied it all together with brown leather accents. Notice the watch strap, the Cypop case, and even the small lanyard on the Aeon. These subtle details not only add function but give this EDC a bit of class and personal style. Well done Jay!

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What were your favorite posts from October? Whether it’s an EDC from our community, a new product announcement, or a buying guide, let us know what you enjoyed this past month and what you’d want to see more of in the comments below!

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Kevin Spengel ·
I like how the staff at our mothership goes for simple, realistic carries. Keepin' it real at the EDC!
Gundose ·
Awesome! Congrats to all selected!