Full Everyday Carry

Taylor Genovese
Gilbert, Arizona
This is an expansion of my previous submission of my mini-get home bag. This includes everything but my wallet, pocket watch, and field notes notebook which I forgot to include.

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Great EDC! I see we share a lot of taste. Can you speak a little more about what's in your get home bag? When I click the link it just takes me to a failed search in Amazon, thanks!
Chad North ·
Nice expansive carry! I'd like to see some of the adventures you go on with this setup. Great to see the inclusion of some quality fabric tools (i.e. bandana and keffiyeh) and water bottle. Both highly underrated. What do you use the fabric tools for mostly?
Taylor Genovese ·
I mostly use the bandana for a tissue while in the field. The keffiyeh I use extensively as a tool: scarf, facemask, bag for carrying wood or other items, etc.

Thanks for the comment!