Keychain Duct Tape

Keychain Duct Tape

Unless you’re still carrying a duct tape wallet and have come to terms with dismantling it to repair your other gear, you’ll want Gearward’s Keychain Duct Tape. It’s no bigger than your typical tube of chapstick and holds up to 18 inches of Gorilla tape or about 24 inches of Gaffers tape for when you really need it… (via GearHungry)

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Why do you have to spend any money on this? Theirs costs $20. Mine will cost you .75 cents. All you need is a piece of paracord and some washers.
Perfect for what I do at work. This site is dangerous for my wallet...
I bought a Maxpedition wallet. I never had to get another wallet again. They are built to last.