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8 EDC Holiday Gifts They'll Appreciate Year-Round

Jacob Dean
8 EDC Holiday Gifts They'll Appreciate Year-Round

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Need some gift ideas, or even something to fill up your own wishlist this holiday season? Here are 8 recommendations, pulled from popular features and guides we’ve done this year. Together they make a complete, capable carry, but piecewise they’re gear any EDCer would enjoy in their kit.

Kershaw Shuffle II

Knives are versatile instruments and make a worthy addition to your daily essentials, but picking the right one can be a challenge. Choose a blade that's too thin and the knife might break; too long, and you may be in violation of local laws. Skip the hassle and consider the Kershaw Shuffle II. Weighing in at only 3 ounces, this folding utility knife features a short 2.6-inch locking blade, an ambidextrous contoured handle, built-in bottle opener, screwdriver tip, and lanyard attachment. Available in either black or tan, the Kershaw Shuffle II shows that nice things can in fact come in small packages.

BUY ($21)

SureFire Titan-A Flashlight

Now that smartphones have become as indispensable as a pair of shoes, carrying a separate flashlight might seem more than a little unnecessary. The reality though is that when you truly need illumination, whether you're walking down a dark path or peering under a desk, your phone's low power “flashlight” isn't going to do the job. At 3 inches long, and just barely wider than the AAA battery that powers it, the SureFire Titan-A offers focused LED illumination at either 15 or 125 lumens, and weighs less than 1 ounce.

BUY ($51)

Victorinox Zip-Around Wallet

Choosing a wallet is a surprisingly difficult decision when you consider that most wallets contain the same three things: ID, cash, and a variety of different cards. For times when you want to carry and protect more than just those basics, Victorinox has a solution. Their Zip-Around Wallet has space for all of your wallet essentials, as well as the ability to safely hold SIM and SD cards, USB drives, cable adapters, and any other small tech ephemera that you want to keep from getting lost.

BUY ($35)

Leatherman Squirt PS4

Multitools have come a long way since the days when they sat in a holster on your dad's belt. Leatherman, who continues to make some of the best around, has shown that a multitool doesn't have to be hefty in order to be useful. With a closed length of only 2.25 inches, the Leatherman Squirt PS4 includes features that we've come to love and depend on (the bottle opener in particular) and weighs only a scant two ounces.

BUY ($27)

Shinola: The Rambler

The Motor City has fallen on famously hard times, but there's a reason they were once considered a economic and cultural powerhouse. Detroit-based Shinola's first true traveler's watch, The Rambler, features a dedicated 24 hour watch hand, a sapphire crystal, and a hand-crafted strap. The gorgeous American-made 44mm stainless steel watch is also definitely an eye catcher, and conjures up the famed (and perhaps returning) glory of one of our greatest cities.

BUY ($850)

BIGiDESIGN Titanium Pen+Stylus

Originally launched as a Kickstarter, BIGiDESIGN's titanium pen and stylus combo gets major points in a variety of categories. Made entirely from unalloyed TA2 titanium (which is found in high quality aircraft components more often than in pens), this model is both lightweight and nigh-indestructible. Features include a threaded screw-on cap, three anti-slip finger grooves, and a conductive silicone stylus tip that can be added or removed from the back end of the pen. Perhaps more important than anything else though, BIGiDESIGN's titanium pen accepts over 35 different refills from a variety of companies, making it one of the most versatile writing instruments you'll ever own.

BUY ($75)

5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack

5.11 is the king of civilian-accessible tactical gear, and this compact weather-resistant daily carry bag is no exception. The two expanding side pockets are ideal for storing cables and small tools, while the roomier main pocket is easily accessible and closes securely with a large clip. Like all 5.11 bags, the PUSH Pack also features a concealed rear pocket perfect for holding money, documents, and identification.

BUY ($45)

Aukey Dual-USB Charger

Even though you own more and more devices that need to be charged, there never seems to be enough outlets. For the days when you forget to plug in your phone and don't feel like bumming a socket in the middle of an airport or at a Starbucks, Aukey's got you covered. Weighing in at just over half a pound, the Aukey Dual-USB External Battery Charger can recharge an iPhone 6 six times from full capacity, and has built-in software which maximizes charging efficiency.

BUY ($15)

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Nathan ·
Sorry, can't get behind Shinola. That's just way too much for a quartz watch. While the aesthetics are fairly solid, it is far from truly being "Detroit made". The movement is Swiss, made by a company that Shinola's owner also owns. The cases, dials, hands crystals and buckles are all made in China. Only the strap is made in America. Put a Horween strap on a Fossil or Relic and save yourself several hundred dollars. Or buy a eta or miyota based watch with quality parts for the same money and have a watch that will last a lifetime.
Robert Cook ·
I have to agree with this until I saw one in person. They are very nice once you get one in your hands. Yes still too much for quartz but a nice watch. For the money I'd get a JDM Seiko.
Nathan ·
I have seen a number of them in person. The design is very good. It just pains me to pay that kind of price when you can get an eta 2824/2834/2836/2892/2893 based watch or a miyota (seiko) made with better parts for less.
Allen Nobida ·
Good to see the Shuffle II on the list because see alot of "edc gifts" list choosing the shuffle 1 over the 2. Personally I like the size and feel of the 2 but the bottle opener is better on the 1.