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Brisbane, Australia
This is what i carry in my purse, when i carry my purse (most days). Ti3 lives in pocket. S-biner connects the car remote to the house keys quickly and disconnects easily when I need to. Mini bic is wrapped in duct tape. Metal tin keeps together neatly little things such as AAA battery, p51, KFC towel, pencil, panadol, alcohol pads, Band aids, bobby pins, water purification tabs, clips etc. Thrunite TN12 is the 2011 edition 600Lumens that I got at an excellent price.

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Chad North ·
Great carry! Opinels are nice. What do you use your bandana for mostly?
Isabelle ·
I always keep this and another 2 in my car. I use them if i don't have a napkin, if I spill something, basically its a small cloth thats just always there. Lent one to my sister who was upset about dropping off our friends puppy at the airport, wipe those tears. And as much as i hate the idea of handkerchiefs, my sister has hay fever and had used up my supply of tissues so I had to lend her one of them as well. They have a bunch of other uses as well and I have a few so I wash them when needed.

I love Opinels! Have 3 including 1 I sanded down and reshaped, dyed and varnished. Another 3 incoming over xmas. I don't know why!!!
Ryan Cerbus ·

I was recently in Australia, and was advised to not walk around with my Opinel knife in my pocket. Were my friends overly-concerned, or is there a risk to carrying a small, utilitarian folding knife around Australia?

I was in Melbourne, if that makes a difference.
Isabelle ·
They're right i shouldn't. Its not as concerning as other knives but still not good. Considering switching it out to a victorinox tinker. In the meantime i only have it in my bag to and from work.
Isabelle ·
Yeah i've read this before. Well said, It's how i feel. I'm not the type of person that comes to police attention and would give them a reason to search me and think I was trouble. So day to day I don't worry about it.
Isabelle ·
"2) It is a reasonable excuse for subsection (1) to physically possess a knife - d) For use for a lawful purpose
Examples for subsection (2)(d): A person may carry a pen knife or swiss army knife for use for its normal utility purposes." - This part makes swiss army knives seem more okay. Queensland weapons act.
Serge Navarro ·
Exactly right! It is all largely down to the individuals interpretation of the law and the Police acting reasonably based on your justification. I wear a suit to work everyday and commute by public transport, there are far more interesting characters than you or me out there to get their interest! :-)
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