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FourSevens New Preon

Mike Geoffrey Espineli
FourSevens New Preon

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FourSevens have been making cutting edge flashlights for years. Their AAA light, the Preon, was a technical step above other lights in its class. The newly updated Preon is even better, boasting several user feedback-based upgrades. Firstly, it features textured screw-cut grooves for a beautiful yet functional tactile grippiness. Its tail cap has been completely redesigned to help prevent unwanted button presses, so it's less likely to accidentally turn on in your pocket. A new, high-tension stainless steel pocket clip adds new carry options for the light. FourSevens also made updates to the internals of the light, including customizable interfaces and more modes for loads of versatility. Rounding out the improvements is a new CREE XP-L emitter that pushes an impressive 220 lumens in the 2xAAA Preon P2, and a capable 100 lumens in the Preon P1. If you've been searching for an EDC light with tons of performance from a single AAA battery, the new Preon is an intriguing option.


Editor's Note: This post has been updated for accuracy. The original post incorrectly suggested a 220 lumen output from the Preon P1, when it is in fact from the 2xAAA Preon P2.

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SciencePenguin ·
Hope the clip of this new version Preon is sturdier than the previous generation.
Me too. And the switch...
Ed Jelley ·
The clip is very sturdy, I don't have the old one to compare it to, but so far so good. The click feels a little "crunchy" if that makes sense. I love the light though, great for EDC.
SciencePenguin ·
Cool. Thanks for the reply. I might give it a shot after the price comes down a bit :) Using the Thrunite Ti3 right now as my EDC.
Heretofore ·
I don't think I saw what they were made from? Are they entirely stainless steel?
Troy Rainey ·
How long do the batteries last, pushing out all those lumens? I want an upgrade from my stream light stylus pro
Ed Jelley ·
Foursevens has all the run times on their site. It's definitely not bad for a AAA light.
Nathaniel P ·
I love my Preon P1, but I'm hesitant to give up its tail stand capability, which I frequently use. Anyone know if the clicky on the new model still allows tail standing?
Ed Jelley ·
The new P1 doesn't stand on its tail.