Winter is Comming

Alex Ogden
Student (age 18)
Oak Park, IL
A bit more heavy duty EDC, helped with the contrast of sleek writing material, metal tins, against a beaten and worn winter jacket. I was inspired by another post on here not too long ago, however my approach has a few more items, and my dorm room lighting and carpet is unfortunately not as aesthetic. But I'e encompassed everything I need, plus the four large pockets on this jacket allow for me to carry a few other items. With my clothes and garb to keep me warm, my pipes and equipment to keep me warm another way, and finally my ever day items to keep me prepared. Enjoy the cold, my friends. Face the wind.

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Oscar Stewart ·
Turn that flag right side up!
Mickey ·
Sam Nead ·
The first EDC I've seen listing tobacco pipes. Nice!
Alex Ogden ·
I often include my pipes as apart of my EDC, since... Well I smoke pretty regularly. So hence I have to carry it on me most days. But thank you.
Rick Schell ·
That's a great setup! Nice pipes!