My First EDC!

Bentonville, AR
My EDC is super minimal with function and accessibility in mind. I don't like to have a lot of bulky items in my pockets which is why I went with the FNDN Minimalist Wallet. This Wallets is 4mm in thickness, soft, light and allows access to all my 14 cards with ease. The FNDN ULTRA-THIN LUXURY LEATHER IPHONE WALLET CASE is perfect for when I need to access a couple important credit cards right away or if I want to have some business cards on hand without having to dig through my pockets or jacket. My apple watch keeps me organized during the day, and helps track my workouts without every having to take it off my wrist. The simple Nite-Ize biner holds my keys and clips to my belt loop for quick easy access. As a graphic designer I always need a place to jot down ideas or sketch out a new product look and what better way to that than to use a Moleskine notebook!

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Travis ·
Nice work! Loving your carry taste!
Sweet cary bother!!!! I see you picked up a FNDN wallet! What you think of it? I've had mine for about a month, and think its well worth the investment! Look forward to checking out more posts!
kevinrudulph ·
The #FNDN Minimalist wallet is awesome. Tossed my previous minimalist wallet in the trash as soon as I used the pull tab feature. It makes getting into that small middle pocket packed with cards super easy. Plus, because the wallet is so thin, I can keep my office entry key inside my wallet now!