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Bullet Light by Slughaus

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Ed Jelley
Bullet Light by Slughaus

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Size and bulk are the reasons that most people leave a flashlight out of their EDC. Slughaus aims to change that with the introduction of their ultra-small, minimalist flashlight that's especially easy to carry on a daily basis. The unique light draws inspiration from the shape and size a 9mm round, and can go practically unnoticed on a keychain, clipped to a bag, or hidden away in the coin pocket of your jeans. With a twist of the body, the Bullet Light pumps out 15 lumens for 12-16 hours—just enough light for quick tasks with a solid runtime for backup duty. You can pick up one Bullet Light for a reasonable $8 pledge, or snag 3 for only $17 via the Kickstarter link below.

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Discussion (8 total)

I'm giving these a shot. I just made a pledge for 3.
S.G. Skinner ·
Anyone else that comes across this... don't fall for it, save your cash for something else!!! These have a serious design flaw in that they come unscrewed with the most minimal of effort, as in even the weight of the this dinky light itself is enough for it to come unscrewed. The threads are very large and loose, and there is no o-ring to provide any friction at all, so it simply unscrews itself super easily from just dangling. Like another commentor notes, Slughaus came out after the fact and suggested a piece of scotch tape would make for "butter smooth threads", when they really meant "you better tape this crappy product together before it falls apart and you lose it on its first outing". The thing is, tape is a crappy temporary solution, and on my (3) lights it doesn't work anyway, they can't even be activated with the tape in place (gets in the way being screwed down far enough to switch on). Oh well, I'll just avoid their brand from here on out, knowing now that they'll purposely allow fatally-flawed products to be mass produced and sold. I usually don't talk smack about brands in public, but this was just an outright dishonest money grab, so I don't feel bad exposing it in the least. Slughaus should be ashamed of themselves.
Connie Tru ·
the bullet light is flawed, it has to be slightly unscrewed to be turned off, which means it can turn on inadvertently in your pocket if it twists, or it can twist all the way off so the battery, o-ring, and two halves are loose in your pocket. Fail.
Connie Tru ·
oh yeah, they actually suggest we put scotch tape on the screw thread to fix this. Really? How about sending me a product that works.
Steve ·
Just received three Bullet 2s. I need to screw the base to turn the light on, but they will not unscrew entirely. Looks like Slughaus have made the right changes given customer dissatisfaction. I am a happy camper, and so is my partner. Added to my EDC.
Dave Birnbaum ·
I'm having the exact same issues the other commenters have. It comes apart, or it screws in too much and turns on inside your pocket.

I did find a workaround. Well, my wife did actually. Put the battery stack in backwards, or put the last battery in backwards. When you need the light, you unscrew it and flip the battery. It's a terrible solution for having light at arm's reach, but in our case, this is the difference between my wife being willing to EDC a light and not, so it's worth the inconvenience for us.
Earl Mosely ·
this light for everyday carry? It's more like everyday leave at home otherwise it will fall apart and be lost forever as it unscrews, agree with below suckers, this was a real con
Robert Razavi ·
Thanks for featuring this; I just made a pledge for three of those!