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Key Safe

Mike Geoffrey Espineli
Key Safe

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Many keychain capsules tend to be poorly mass produced and suffer from bad machining and shoddy materials. The Tin Mill’s new Key Safe, on the other hand, is a well-crafted keychain capsule that aims to be your go-to for safe, portable storage. To protect your valuable cargo—like medication, micro SD cards, and emergency cash—the Key Safe offers water-resistant construction with its tightly machined threads and an integrated O-ring. The stainless steel capsule is also crushproof, so you can confidently carry it even in rough conditions. Lastly, the Key Safe features machined helical grooves (as seen on The Tin Mill’s popular pen design) to give you better grip when opening and closing the capsule, as well as a bit of style to your keychain. You can pick up this quality keychain capsule that can take a lick and look good doing it on The Tin Mill’s website.


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Heretofore ·
Paul Vollmar ·
Don't be fooled by the pictures of the Key Safe holding a US bill -- the interior dimension is 1.84", while a bill is 2" wide. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until I had already purchased two so that my wife and I could carry emergency cash on our key chains. Very misleading.
Heretofore ·
I have one. I just fold the bill in half long ways