What's in my pockets and on my belt

These are the items I ALWAYS have with me, in or on my pants or shirt pockets.

Infrequently used keys live in the bottom of the same pocket frequently used keys are suspended in.

Looking for a replacement for the Flash II knife, something a little lighter and less bulky, that doesn't raise as many eyebrows when my clients see it. I removed the safety switch and have never had a problem with it opening unintentionally.

Stylus Pro is the best balance of standard batteries, battery life and durability I have found.

Mixed feelings on the Super Tool 300, love the lock release compared to ST200 but screw driver blades are pretty brittle in comparison.

Dickies wallet was a distributor sample I got from a client when he saw my worn out previous wallet. It seems to be a stippled vinyl of some kind. I scraped off the screened on logo and removed the key pocket. It has been remarkably durable; after over two years of use it shows very little wear. I never carry my cash in my wallet.

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