SF to Silicon Valley Survival Kit

Dylan Hecklau
San Francisco, CA
Everything I need to get me from the comforts of home in the city to my day job in the suburbs.

On my walks to/from the train, as well as while on the train, the headphone wrangler ($10 bucks for 2 on Amazon) is a lifesaver, as is the leather key fob. The mini moleskins are clutch for personal notes that don't belong in my work bible (read: a larger moleskin all product managers like me treat like a sacred document).

If you deal with lighter-thieves, try removing the sticker and placing it horizontally along the base of the lighter....now you have a watermark.

The opinel knife and the multi-tool are both clutch for emergencies (read: cutting loose threads and other yuppie purposes, not so much for self defense) and neither takes up much space.

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