Rite In The Rain Centennial Bound Book

Rite In The Rain Centennial Bound Book

If you’ve ever been laying prone, kestrel meter at hand staring down a scope at a target over half a mile away you know how important details are. Recording and knowing the variables of each shot from density altitude to wind speed can mean inches. Add rain to the mix and your standard logs become useless, waterlogged, ink stained pulp. Whether it’s that or recording in nature regardless of the weather conditions, Rite in the Rain’s books are the answer… (via GearHungry)

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I've always liked Rite in the Rain products, but I've always been itching to put some of their products through some crazy tests to see how well they really hold up.
I am liking the waterproof notebook. Anyone know what kind of paper this notebook is made of?
Hey there, sorry for the slow response. Our paper is wood-based, just like normal paper. It's our treatment process that makes the difference. The paper will feel very similar to standard paper but with a very slight waxiness to it.

It works with pencil, ballpoint pen, permanent marker, etc. It does not work, however, with water-based inks (gel and fountain pens, primarily).

Get a sample from us at social@riteintherain.com - we'll hook you up so you can try us out.
Great look. Love the dot grid style paper