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Tacoma, WA
This is the stuff that I tend to carry around with me every day. The leather work is by me. The leather cover on the P38 helps separate the noisy items on my keyring. There are a couple of unique things in there with Specials Forces logos on them. Can you spot them?

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David Flynn ·
What is the length of your begleri? / is there a specific length they should be? I would love to make one also. I respect all you have, I am a huge DIY'er also, made my wallet, notebook cover, knife sheath,ring, and lots of other little mods to make sure that I have something special that wasn't mass produced!
It's been a good pen. I've got a little stack of parts in my desk stolen from other pens and pencils so I can't remember which parts were originally on there if I'm honest. I know that when I want to run a space pen cartridge I have to swap out the tip of the pen and it doesn't work as nice mechanically.
Rite in the Rain ·
Looks like you did the ring mod on the F-701 - how did that go?
Thanks. I am a giant DIY nerd.
Derek Galliher ·
love the begleri and all the homemade leather. We don't see enough DIY stuff around here
I don't have a proper skiving tool either. I usually use a cheap scalpel to take it down some or a scrap of sandpaper wrapped around a pencil to thin it out under the lugs.
If you're looking for tips & inspiration check out Ian Atkinson's youtube channel. That's where I Iearned how to make that Spyderco sheath.
Chris Lunsford ·
did you make the nato strap as well? I've been doing some leather work lately and I have a nato strap cut out and shaped but I need a skiving tool or to learn how to use a razor blade to thin it out on the hide side so i can stitch the buckle and rings on its too thick for the pins to connect to the lugs right now. advice?