Daily Commute

Ralph Bassfeld
Archivist (age 49)
Zurich, Switzerland
On my daily 4 hour train commute to work (including return journey) these items are my basics (including an iPhone 5s I used to photograph this). Depending on the day, I may add a 15" laptop, an umbrella, sunglasses, a book or documents to the bag. I always carry a camera, because when the light is perfect, I want to capture the best possible photo. The noise cancelling headphones are a must-have for concentrating during the train ride. I rarely use the power station, but like to keep it for peace of mind.
(I forgot to add black leather wallet from Tiger of Sweden and a simple keychain with three slim keys, and I never leave the house without my 42mm dark grey Apple Sport Watch with a black sport band.)

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Anirban ·
Neat EDC! always good to carry a nice compact camera than taking pictures with the phone..