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CRKT Viva Multitool

Jonathan Tayag
CRKT Viva Multitool

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It’s not easy fitting a dedicated multitool in your pocket, and finding one small enough for your keychain that’s functional can be just as hard. Free up some pocket space and hang the CRKT Viva from your belt loop instead. Unlike other small multitools available on the market, the Viva has a ringed handle and just enough length at four inches to have sufficient leverage for the pry bar and hex wrench slots to actually be useful. At the tip, you’ll find a wide flathead screwdriver and an ever-useful bottle opener to round out the package. The Viva is made of 3Cr13 steel in a blackwash finish that will help it stand up to the elements and hard use. You can make this multitool a part of your everyday carry at the link below.


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David Hopper ·
Nifty looking edc tool with a nice finish on it. :)
Sharon Martin ·
single most useful bit of kit i own
Melody Rodriguez ·
I was fortunate enough to receive what like to call “The Handy Dandy” (CRKT Viva) for free from Marlboro.
Initially I was not impressed but had it conveniently clipped on to my pants (no pocket or loop necessary) and upon first use it was love, love, love.
And since then I have found hundreds of random uses.
Paul Tobeck ·
Hmm, doesn't come up in Products, so I can't mark that I own this. Quite a bit longer than any other pocket tool I own, but the size does give you a bit more leverage and I like it. I don't use it as it was intended as a keychain hanger, I just usually hang it from a belt loop or pocket carry it. I wish the hole intended for a keychain was a 1/4" hex, if you're going to make a hole, make it a useful one :)