EDC: Disaster Recon

With Team Rubicon, the first step to initiating any disaster relief operation is to send in a recon team to assess the damage and needs of the community. After tornadoes raked Garland, Rowlett, and Glenn Heights in Texas the day after Christmas, I deployed as a Recon Team Leader to visit the area and gain intel for the State and Regional leaders waiting to spin up an operation. We plotted disaster maps and made crucial relationships with local police, fire, and emergency management officials. This is the EDC I used in the field.

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Thanks for being a member of Team Rubicon. You guys and gals are lifesavers in the purest sense of the word. If I was younger and did not have Spinal Stenosis (caused by my paramedic days). You be careful out there. May God bless you and protect you and yours. Thanks
Met some folks from team rubicon last year during the ice storm in Tennessee. Good folks and a tremendous help.
It has definitely been an honor to serve with them while helping fellow Americans affected by disaster. Glad to hear you met some of our brothers and sisters from Tennessee!