Average Work Day

Mark Joseph
Detroit, MI
While running around the hospital seeing patients, I don't really need a pocket knife or anything ridiculously tactical. A watch with a second hand, the day and date; a pen to match; something to write down things I'm bound to forget; lip stuff because it's winter and it's dry; a multi-tool just in case (?); and a pager to get mad at... Kinda all I need most of the time. Of course, I didn't include my stethoscope. I need to clean that thing.

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I miss the old school pager days some times!
Cole Turner ·
There's something you don't see anymore.
Josiah R ·
Oh pagers...
I was going to question the pager until I saw you're from Detroit...and also read your job.
Adam Morris ·
I am not from Detroit, nor am I a medical resident and I carry a pager.

Then again I work in IT for a hospital chain. I will switch to using a phone when they pay for it. Otherwise I can leave my pager at home when I am not on-call.
Mark Joseph ·
Adam, thanks for putting up with all the crap doctors give you about the speed of the Internet/EMR. I especially apologize for the doctors who complain, yet only know how to type with their two index fingers.