Overnight in the woods.

Tacoma, WA
This is the stuff I keep in or near my rucksack for a quick overnight trip. I love this rucksack! It's roomy, rain proof for Washington State and has a ton of places on the outside to strap gear onto it. If you see either this bag or the Swedish military stove at a military surplus store just buy them. You will love them and they will outlast you(lucky grandchildren).

The main things that aren't shown in the pic would be my 10 year old, two man cheap a$$ WalMart tent, an Army surplus sleeping bag, a giant mound of Starbucks Via packets, Food(rice, beans, Top Ramen....), water and a firearm. There's a regular Mini Mag Light In there too. All leatherwork in the pic by me.

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Matthijs van Setten ·
Nice way of thinking, like your kit.