Organize my EDC

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I wanted to keep the stuff I carry everyday to be organized together, so came up with an idea to design a wooden station where I can keep them all.. I also design other essential EDCs, you can see them on ryokobags.com

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kevinrudulph ·
This is really cool! I might have to grab one myself! Have you thought about incorporating ways to charge you devices while sitting in the stands? I personally have a iphone, ipad, and apple watch.
Anirban ·
Thanks Kevin, glad that you like it!
That's a great tip. I am thinking of making it compatible for charging but will make sure I get it right before incorporating it on the later versions. Happy to give you a shout out once that feature gets added.. you can drop me a line at '[email protected]' if you'd like me to notify you :-)
kevinrudulph ·
Awesome, thanks!