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ThruNite TC12 2016 Micro USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Adam Molina
ThruNite TC12 2016 Micro USB Rechargeable Flashlight

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Many EDCers consider a solid, powerful flashlight to be essential, and the new ThruNite TC12 has the makings of an ideal EDC light. At just 5.5 inches long, the ThruNite TC12 is not only easy to carry, but easy to charge as well. A micro-USB port built into the body of the light makes recharging its integrated 18650 battery as simple as plugging in a single cable. The TC12 also offers six brightness modes, ranging from Firefly (0.4 lumens for 7 days) to Turbo (a massive 1000 lumens for 2.6 hours). Features aside, the TC12 comes with a solid build fit for daily carry. It’s made completely of aluminum save for the stainless steel side switch, and is waterproof up to 2 meters. If you’re looking for a capable flashlight for your EDC, make sure to check out the latest ThruNite has to offer at the link below.


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Denis Hauser ·
The lamp is great, have already received a couple of videos to.
Ruth Anitha ·
The perfect selection for a smorgasbord of outdoor camping, Will be able to reverse the lightness’s of light into strobe, degraded and high. From high all the mode to SOS flashing, dimmer switch lets you take just the right amount of light. High mode when you need powerful low and light style to maintain battery quality.