Camping Carry

Justin Glass
Landscaper (age 23)
Hammond, LA
Cigar smoking and camping. Doesn't get much better. Enjoy guys and gals!

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Kevin ·
I love that travel humidor. I got a fifteen-cigar capacity as a gift from my then-girlfriend (now-wife) for my birthday six years ago, and I don't know how I ever existed without it.
Justin Glass ·
Thanks man. Yea I wish I had a fifteen count. This five count is too often too small for my needs.
Brent ·
Love the belt knife. I use an Old Hickory for hunting.
Daniel ·
Wow, love that leather notebook and brass compass!
Justin Glass ·
Thanks man. I made that notebook from scrap leather. I made it in about 10 minutes because my brand new field notes were getting tore up in my pockets due to my job. I'm very surprised so many people have liked it. My compass was a gift from my girlfriend. I believe she got it from New Orleans.
Daniel ·
Great leather work has so much character!
Chris Lunsford ·
Were you ever able to find a leather sheath for that old hickory? I have an old one i had sanded the finish off the handle to redo and never gave it another thought after. its in a crap nylon sheath i had in the closet as it was the only one not in use that was big enough to hold it.
Justin Glass ·
It actually fits in a leather sheath I got with my Condor Kephart knife. I'm hoping to make a kydex sheath for it pretty soon. If I can ever get my stuff together.
Chris Lunsford ·
yeah im the same way, but im sure ill find one at an antique shop or something eventually. And I actually know what knife you're talking about. I have a condor golok machete and a nessmuk knife