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Adam Molina
Reviewer (age 24)
Boston, MA
I've been lurking here for so long but have never submitted, so here's what I carry whenever I leave the house.

On most days I have a backpack with a bunch of other things, but my pockets are always the same.

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Paul Rabanal ·
Hey Adam Molina, thanks for your post! I was wondering how do you like your pencil by 53, I was thinking of picking one up but wasn't too sure how good it was? Is it good for writing notes on an iPad?
Nathan Longbrook ·
Seconded! Been considering one...
Adam Molina ·
I love it! I've seen people create amazing works of art with it but I'm not that skilled lol..I use it mainly for quick sketches that can be exported to illustrator or photoshop
Nick Wagner ·
How do you like that flash drive? I was thinking about picking one up.
Adam Molina ·
I use mainly cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox but this little guy has saved me a few times when my classroom has crappy internet (or no internet)
Benjamin Scholtens ·
Hey Adam Molina, love your style. If your looking for a real %100 Leather Phone Case you should check out www.formcase.ca
How does that compass treat yah? Is it sturdily built? Is it accurate?
Adam Molina ·
I'm actually not sure about how accurate it is 0_o it was a gift from my father so I just took it lol..It did help when I was in Iceland looking for my hostel and the GPS stopped working though so it has to be somewhat decent
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