London Commute

Johnny Elia
Film Producer (age 28)
Cambridge, UK
I live outside London and commute a lot into the city working and editing various video projects.

Included in my ECD is my Macbook 12". I've got a good hour in and out of London on the train, so it's perfect and light to do emails write up storyboards and even do some light editing work. Working in editing suites are usually dark and no end of time you need to get behind the computers to change and even fix things, so the Mag-Lite, Leatherman and Gerber Shard come in handy almost everyday for that task.

Due to the Macbook's lightness it only has one USB-C port, so the multi-hub is perfect when I need to run more than one USB hard drive into the computer and the single Apple USB to USB-C is used will accessing a hard drive on the train as it's a bit more durable that the multi-hub.

I've used many hard drives over the years, G-drives never seem to go wrong, on the go this hard drive has been in a out of the bag a so many times and is still going strong! Never a corrupt file! (touch wood).

Love my Herschel wallet had it for years, perfect to keep cards and receipts in. Also added a hair band to be able to attached receipts to quickly and also train tickets for easy access.

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Dan Vargas ·
Where did you get that decal on your macbook?