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Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker Watch

Adam Molina
Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker Watch

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Whether they realize it or not, everyone that wears a watch is an EDCer. Having something that can easily tell you the time has been an essential tool for centuries, and new technology allows our watches to do more than ever before. The Timex Metropolitan+ not only tells time, but also tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned. Activity information is available at a glance thanks to a fourth hand that shows how close you are to completing your goals. Unlike other trackers on the market, Timex used an analog design that doesn’t emphasize the fitness features of the watch. A 42mm brass casing rounds out the classic aesthetic, along with a replaceable leather watch band. The Metropolitan+ also features a backlight and water resistance for continuous use in less than ideal conditions. If you’re looking to keep track of your time as well as your fitness, check out the Metropolitan+ at the link below.

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Anibal Perez ·
Got one when they first came out
Very nice device that looks good, got the all black version, waiting for sleep tracking to come to it, not that I normally would sleep with a watch on
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