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Declan x Word. Collection

Bernard Capulong
Declan x Word. Collection

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Despite how useful they can be, handkerchiefs seem to be overlooked and under carried. These technical fabric pocket squares from Declan just might be able to change that. They’re made from Delcan M120, a specially engineered microfiber twill textile that looks and feels like a traditional handkerchief, but offers the smudge-fighting performance of cleaning cloths to keep your eyewear, camera lenses, and screens looking pristine. Declan's latest release comes as a collab with Word., known for their pocket-friendly notebooks, hip designs, and unique page layouts. Declan and Word. actually swapped and customized patterns from each other for the collab set. The Declan Major comes in a vibrant variation of Word.'s popular Indigo covers, while the notebooks rock an updated colorway of the Declan “Lang” floral print. If you’re still buffing out smudges from your glasses or phone with your shirt, these aesthetic and functional essentials should come in handy. Grab ‘em as a bundle (it’ll save you a few bucks) at the link below to keep your notes and your lenses clear.

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Darwin ·
I can't remember when the last time I brought a handkerchief. It has a very different usage nowadays. For cleaning purposes, microfiber materials will make sure your lenses safe from scratches.