Melbourne EDC

Melbourne, Australia
My EDC was designed to provide myself with the confidence to tackle any situation whether I am working in an office or taking a trip up the beautiful mountain ranges Australia has to offer.

This kit will alter minimally throughout the week, and is generally on my person the entire day. My keys will get me from A to B, and the added bonus of carrying a lightweight multi-tool means I dont need to fuss about when needing some basic tools.

I carry my favorite folding knife with me all day as well, especially whilst I am out bush to clear my mind after a long week of work.

The Kathmandu Survival Kit also provides my outdoor adventures with added peace of mind, which compactly fits many essential items needed to get through some hairy situations should they arise.

I carry the paracord bracelet for 2.5 meters of cordage, and the flashlight for added illumination should the situation turn darker. The PawPaw Ointment treats chapped lips, bites and cuts reducing the chances of infection when outdoors.

I love my kit and it suits my needs perfectly.

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