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David Gross ·
Is this your daily carry or just a collection of all your cool stuff? 9 knives and 5 lights seems like overkill.
Jonas ·
Hi David,
yes, it's actually my daily carry, and yes, I know, it is overkill. :-) Some of these items are carried not to be used on a daily basis but only in an emergency. I do not plan to ever use the blades of the Rescue Tool, I do not plan to use the Spyderco Enuff and Ladybug and obviously hope to not need the pepper spray and the big flashlight.

I like to have backups, I like to have stuff to lend to friends. Also, in my opinion sometimes you need a big knife, sometimes you need a small knife. I try to use a different knife for food preparation than for opening packages. The Fenix E01 is basically a spare battery container.
Most of this stuff is in my backpack and does not weight a lot, so why not carry it? There were times when I carried eight swiss army knives with me, so I'm on the road to recovery.... ;-)
Cthulhu ·
Maybe you rely too much on equipment. What do you think about gradually getting rid of some of those items and learn skills instead?
If a disaster happens and you lose all your gear (which is possible, because you keep everything on a backpack), what will you do? Think about it.