My Primary EDC

James A Cathcart
Salt Lake City, UT
This is what I carry any time I leave the house. The iPhone and Field Notes go inside the Waterfield Finn Wallet. I wear the Apple Watch, Eyeglasses, Paracord Bracelet and Wedding Ring and the Glock, Benchmade Barrage and Brunton Echo Pocket Scope go on my belt. Everything else is in my pockets.

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Tim K. ·
Ah, the red star of communism. ;)
James A Cathcart ·
Indeed! I bought it in Hong Kong, where communism and capitalism share a very bizarre and uneasy truce. I am so grateful that to me, such a symbol is a mere curiosity and not a way of life.
Robert Razavi ·
Didn't expect a leadership consultant needing to carry a Glock daily, to be honest...
James A Cathcart ·
Hah, I don't carry it because of my profession. The majority of my work requires air-travel, so I can't have it with me most of the time on the job. However, I only work about 2-3 days p/week, so the rest of the time it's with me.
NotoriousAPP ·
Why not?
Thomas Rick ·
What kind of holster does the Glock ride in? Or does it just get tucked away by itself?
James A Cathcart ·
Hi Thomas, I use three holsters, depending on the situation. My favorite is a Blackhawk Serpa that I wear OWB. When I want to print a little less, I use a Sneaky Pete holster. It's obvious that I'm carrying something, but it doesn't look like a firearm. Finally, when I'm wearing a suit, I use a Galco shoulder holster.
Not-Tobuscus Prime ·
Nice loadout, as a leadership consultant what do you write in your Field Notes?
James A Cathcart ·
I use Field Notes for all of my note-taking, both professionally and personally. I'm a free-flow kind of guy and need to be rather right-brain when I write, so digital notes don't work for me...too structured. So, when I'm consulting with clients, jotting down errant thoughts or writing down a great quote, the Field Notes come out.
Kenneth marcum ·
Nice kit. Am I crazy or does that Barrage knife have a bronze colored finish? Love that knife.
James A Cathcart ·
Hi Kenneth, it is a custom-made Barrage, but the handle is gray and the blade is traditional sv30 steel. I love this knife too, it's my first choice for EDC.