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Let's face it, most multitools available right now take a bit of effort to actually open up and use. They're even harder to open when you only have one hand free. Enter the CRKT Bivy, a riggers multitool designed by renowned speedclimber Hans Florine. The Bivy sets itself apart from most multitools by giving you one-handed access to its functions. With just a push of a button, its spring-assisted pliers pop into action, ready for use. A flick of a thumbstud reveals a versatile sub-3" tanto blade with partial serrations. True to its roots as a climber's tool, the Bivy sports a marlinspike to make tying knots easy. It also features a flathead and Phillips screwdriver and a bottle opener to round out its EDC functionality. The Bivy packs all this into a compact, lightweight aluminum handle that's less than an inch wide. You can pick up this everyday carry essential at the link below.

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Rob Cameron ·
Purchased! I really like the idea of the one-handed opening and operation. I love my Leatherman Charge but there's no way you're gonna open that one-handed and there's no spring in the pliers so you've gotta work your pinky into the inside of the handle to use with only one hand.
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