My High School Carry

Benjamin Wyatt
Idaho, USA
I carry this gear in a SCOTTeVEST hoodie in order to brave the perilous dungeons of high school. Besides the standard wallet, phone, keys, etc. I carry a couple more unique items. I have a silver eagle from the year I became an Eagle Scout, and I have some pretty sweet shades for making people deal with it more conveniently.

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John Sully ·
Like just for the shades!
Benjamin Wyatt ·
haha thanks man
Drew ·
Deal with it shades, NICE!! XD A Kershaw K tool or Gerber shard where two MT's I was limited to in my high school and they actually helped outside of my shop classes. Just a little something to look into if you want to.
Yanick Tremblay ·
Very classy for high school. Have you considered adding some functionality to your EDC in the form of a small OPT like the Gerber shard?
Benjamin Wyatt ·
Yes I have looked into the gerber shard. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to get everything I want for my EDC yet, but I think I will get something like it sometime.
Robert Razavi ·
Old school phone! Never thought I'd say that, but how charming!
Yanick Tremblay ·
Ps. Cool shades but try to use them inside only. Seems like they do not offer UV protection. That's worst than not having any shades. Seriously, cataracts; not cool!
Benjamin Wyatt ·
they do block UV pretty well, the only problem is they don't fully cover your eyes. They still work good enough for me though, especially because I have my hood up most of the time outside.