My High School Carry

Idaho, USA
I carry this gear in a SCOTTeVEST hoodie in order to brave the perilous dungeons of high school. Besides the standard wallet, phone, keys, etc. I carry a couple more unique items. I have a silver eagle from the year I became an Eagle Scout, and I have some pretty sweet shades for making people deal with it more conveniently.

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Like just for the shades!
Deal with it shades, NICE!! XD A Kershaw K tool or Gerber shard where two MT's I was limited to in my high school and they actually helped outside of my shop classes. Just a little something to look into if you want to.
Very classy for high school. Have you considered adding some functionality to your EDC in the form of a small OPT like the Gerber shard?
Yes I have looked into the gerber shard. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to get everything I want for my EDC yet, but I think I will get something like it sometime.
Old school phone! Never thought I'd say that, but how charming!
Ps. Cool shades but try to use them inside only. Seems like they do not offer UV protection. That's worst than not having any shades. Seriously, cataracts; not cool!
they do block UV pretty well, the only problem is they don't fully cover your eyes. They still work good enough for me though, especially because I have my hood up most of the time outside.