Typical day at the office

Adam Morris
Lincoln City, OR
The contents of my pockets today. Apart from a plain white handkerchief.

Of course, after I post this I remember the Field Notes and the 4sevens Quark AA with a 14500 in it. You will just have to imagine those.

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Andrew Anderson ·
I love that you are using the Galaxy S3 still. I am too. It is a great phone. No using paying for an upgrade you don't need.
Nice carry... Any details on the coin purse?
Adam Morris ·
argh! replying from my phone.

If you put too many coins in it then they can slip out as the only thing holding them is some folds in the leather (it is one piece folded with a disk of leather on the bottom inside to add stiffness)

While there are several offerings on Amazon mine was picked up at a local second hand store for next to nothing.

It can easily hold a couple of dollars worth of small change.

I hope that this helps.
Yeah they look really similar, thanks for the follow up!
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