"This Looks Like a Job For..."

My Everyday Work Carry. For more detail about my everyday key set-up check out my EDK submission in my profile. Not identified are my matte black/blue Guess eyeglasses, platinum wedding ring, work badge and work laptop (in the bag). If you are a tea drinker the Grosche Marino is a wonderfully designed infuser. The inexpensive Panasonic headphones are true to their extraordinarily positive Amazon reviews. They sound far superior to my Bose and Beats ones. The Nest Earbud Case works surprisingly well!

Items I'll swap out in time, on my wish list, or waiting for shipment on KS - Jack Black Lip Balm, a blue Fisher Space Pen, and Litewire Key. I'm also looking into the pros of carrying an EDC handkerchief. I recently received my MiniCap wallet from Kickstarter after this picture was taken and I'm liking it a lot. The Elephant wallet series was okay for a while but it was time for a change. I'll post another submission when I get more new gear along with the new wallet.

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John Sully ·
Very nice!
Franklion ·
Thanks, John! Appreciate you checking it out.
Christian A R Tucker ·
Nice bag dump. The #4 bottle has been in my cart on Amazon for a week. I'm stoked to get an infuser. How do you like it?
Franklion ·
I love it! I use it everyday. Talk about an EDC. Not only is it functional but it is beautifully designed and simple to clean. Highly recommend it. Works great for bags but perfect for loose leaf.
hify ·
wouldn't it be EDWC?
Franklion ·
Keeping with the 3 letters, Everyday Carry (EDC) - Everyday Work (EDW). I see where you are coming from though. I could have said "What I carry in my EDW...". Thanks for looking!
william hilliard ·
Big pockets!
Franklion ·
Hahaha. I only carry the Keysmart, wallet, Listerine pocket packs, Chapstick and phone. Everything else is in my bag.