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White Knight
Lincolnshire UK
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things
You'll be humming that all day ;)
1. Ray Jardine uses a Victorinox Classic, but I reckon the Signature trumps it with a pen and tweezers. A whole tool/manicure set at 22g.
2. The Photon packs such a punch. I love lots of flashlights, but for EDC this is is as 'light' as it gets. Sowwy.
3. A Belgian master carver made this for me. I'd love to be able to carve as well as this. In Belgium they are called porridge spoons, but can be used for anything. A work of art.
4. This French Army satchel is my everyday bag. The inside is completely lined with the same brown leather. Bombproof.
5.Timepiece, masterpiece. Art Deco, 1922, green gold Abe Lincoln, 21 jewels. I could wax, so I'll shut it.
6.Michael Morris is a wonderful maker of knives from the USA. He will make knives to suit you. Note this little devil has a hidden bottle opener.
7. Hat is old and battered but still keeps the weather at bay. I added some paracord, just in case.
8. This is Michael Morris' EDC 60, made from an old file.
9. I wore this at my wedding so it means a lot. I usually only wear it when I wear a waisty
10. Copper imparts its fine purities into the water. Leave in the fridge overnight and all the goodies are there ready to be absorbed.
11. I copied this design shamelessly from a photograph. We need coins here so this fits the bill. I mean, the coin :)
12. This was my Grandad's belt, handed down. Apparently it did service on my Dad's derrière.
13. I made this to carry bits in, currently my fire stuff.
14. I always carry this loupe. At 20x it is excellent for seeing details in nature, and a splinter in your finger looks like a Cadbury's flake in an ice cream!
15. Roger Harrington at Bison Bushcraft makes all his own excellent knives on special order. I am just about to get a new one after an 18 month backlog, so this is up for grabs.
16. I designed this case for a notebook a buddy had bought me.
17. I'm always looking at minimalist wallets and am currently designing a new one. This is an experimental fill-in, but very useful as it will just take a single folded £20 note, and about eight cards at a pinch.
18. Mr Pen in the UK is a wonderful gentleman, and gave sterling advice on purchasing a pen for life. My signature colour ink is sepia. It's old, like me.
19. My handle on forums is White Knight, and part of my company logo. My white steeds have two wheels, however.
20. Just in case I spot that special piece of wood that has a spoon hidden in it.
21. I'm into Celtic stuff, and the triquetra is an ancient symbol, with many meanings eg eternity, earth symbols. Each of our wedding guests left with one.
22. A bandana has so many uses; I never leave home without one.
23. Fred Rowe is a wonder smithy. This feels great in the hand, and puts food on his table. Amen.
24. This compass is good enough for Ray Mears, and it works for me too. Love the magnetic declination adjuster and built-in clinometer.
25. This was supposed to last for at least ten years, and it's 12 now. Still allows me to find my key easily in the dark.
26. This watch is so old they don't make it any more. It is super accurate and was able to distinguish the height of two separate peaks 100m apart by three metres, saving me falling off a Scottish crag.
27. Making these bracelets is such good fun. It becomes a tad tiring when all your mates and their wives want one, however.
28. This means a lot to me as it was given by a special someone. Looks good on my sickles too.
29. Ray Mears even made me a case for my compass. Well, his lovely leather crafter Becky did, on his behest. I also use if for loads of other things - pack of cards, snifter flask etc. But not at the same time ;)
30. This was the first ever kuksa I made. It's got lots wrong with it, but I use it all the time. Kuksa is Finnish for 'little cup'.
31.I switch cases but this is soo luxurious. Can you smell the leather from there? Samsung Note 4 fits in. I got a second Note 4 as the new 5 has no sd card / battery access. Humph, but I do love the phone, and the pen. The pen.
NB. I usually only carry one of the knives, if it is appropriate to task, especially living in the UK.

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I get an Indiana Jones vibe from this carry lol.
White Knight ·
Wave your 'EDC' at anything that slithers ;)
Ted ·
You forgot your bullwhip.
Eric Heemstra ·
I need to know exactly what your occupation is...this is too cool
White Knight ·
Thank you for your comments.
I spent many years helping others to be the best person they could be, inside and out, also as an Educational Principal. My greatest love has always been the great outdoors. Walking/running over the hills, living in forests and off the land, wheels or paddles, and the crafts that support such quests. Wood and leather, whatever the earth gives up. Even just being outdoors, survival seems the byword for many, but it seems to me that means you may wish to get out of wherever you are. I enjoy being out there, living with nature, not fighting her. My carefully selected EDC and a lifelong love of learning enables a quality of life in such places.
Franklion ·
Fantastic summary! The Copper flask much be your Holy Grail. ;)
White Knight ·
My thanks, Franklion.
I do love my copper flask, but if it could indeed, like the original, possess special powers, (providing happiness, eternal youth and food in infinite abundance), I'd be able to ditch much of that EDC!
Vitor Duzarte ·
Indiana Jones! Jokes asside, this is a beautiful EDC. Perfect!
White Knight ·
Many thanks, Vitor.
Sometimes I try paring it down to the bare essentials, and end up with four or five items.
Depending on what I need to accomplish, I'd like at least ten!
I wonder what you would select if you could only carry five items, Vitor?
Hmm, that sounds like a decent discussion for a post!

Kevin J Meyer ·
What a mindblowing EDC! O_O
White Knight ·
Hi Kevin. Pleased you like it, thanks. There's some fine EDC's on this site.
Zachary Hilmer ·
Wow. Mine is good, but damn this just looks awesome!
White Knight ·
Thank you Zachary for your kind comment. Time for me to look at yours now, methinks!
Perfect EDC, I fell in love with that hat!
White Knight ·
Thanks Mert. Still in use, especially over the winter here in the UK.
Tonkatruck ·
Thats one special, stylish edc, awesome! thanks for sharing.
White Knight ·
You are most welcome, Tonkatruck. Every item is still in use, albeit a little more Wabi-Sabi!
Steven Johnson ·
Classy and cool!