Writing Session

Paul Taegel
Writer (age 35)
Seattle, Washington
These are the tools necessary to complete a screenplay by deadline. The coffee is not pictured, but I assure you, it's there.
SOUND: The German Maestro headphones deliver a sound that will make your head explode, but they have a high impedance and need an amp to really open up. The Schiit Fulla is $79 on their website and delivers incredible performance unparalleled until you decide to spend twice that much on an amp. The sock Schiit sent with it is absolute, well, Schiit, so I bought a Westone Vault from Amazon, which perfectly fits the Fulla and its cable.
NOTES: I have a small notebook for every project I'm working on. Segregation in this regard is very important, if you don't want to pull your hair out when it comes time to do the rewrite. The Field Notes Expedition is very robust, HOWEVER, water-based inks will not stick to the pages. For this reason, I strongly recommend using the sharpie extra-fine pens. If you'd rather use a fountain pen, buy the field notes "Pitch Black" edition, and you'll be fine. I love fountain pens, but having lost so many over the years, I leave my expensive ones at home. The LAMY Safari and Kaweco Sport are some excellent EDC options that won't break your heart if they walk off.
CUT: I've got a few knives, mostly for different purposes. For an EDC, the Paramilitary 2 really is unmatched in my experience. Exceptional aesthetics. Great cutting edge. Smooth deployment.
COMPUTER: I'm a Mac guy. This is my work machine. I play games on a Ps4 at home. The Macbook Pro Retina 13" has enough screen for me to look at two pages side by side, and the lack of a superdrive makes it ultra light. For film editing, a bump up to the 15" would be the way to go.
WATCH: I flip watches a lot, but I'm also a one-watch guy. The Marathon GSAR has lasted a couple years because the only other watches that excite me right now cost at least 3x as much. The GSAR is a masculine, robust, search and rescue watch, but its (by today's standards) modest 40mm case keeps it from coming across as too tacticool.

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